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Why Should I Sell My House Fast for Cash?

Selling a home can be a frustrating process. You need to get the home ready, hire a realtor, deal with potential buyers, and go through the extensive and expensive process of closing a deal.

If you want to eliminate the stress of selling a house, consider selling to a cash buyer. Whether you are facing foreclosure, bankruptcy, or major repairs, SFL Partners can help. We buy houses for cash throughout Florida.

So if you’ve recently asked yourself, “why should I sell my house fast for cash?”, we’d be happy to help you understand the advantages of selling to a home investor and the process of selling a home for cash a bit better. Read on to explore the top seven advantages of selling your house to cash home buyers:

Avoid Costly Fees

Selling your home to a cash buyer allows you to avoid the fees related to working with a real estate agency. You can skip the pricey real estate commission and closing costs associated with a typical home sale.

The average real estate commission is between 5% and 6% of the sale price. When you include other closing costs and fees, home repairs, and other expenses, the total added cost of selling a home can easily exceed 10% of the sale price.

If your home is valued at $150,000, you can expect to pay about $15,000 in additional costs. A cash buyer can buy your house without the need for a realtor. This allows you to skip closing fees and costly expenses related to an average home sale. You get more for your home in less time.

Sell Your Home Fast!

If you want to sell your home quickly, cash buyers provide the best solution. The process is much faster compared to a traditional sale with a real estate agent.

Working with a realtor requires you to get the home ready and list it on the market. You then need to start showing the home to potential buyers, which is often inconvenient. After receiving an offer, you still need to schedule the closing.

A traditional home sale takes about 65 days. Depending on the season, the condition of the home, and the state of the real estate market, you may need to wait even longer.

Instead of waiting for someone to show interest in your house, you can sell to a buyer for quick cash in closer to 30 days.

Avoid Extensive Negotiations

Everyone wants the best value when buying homes, which sometimes leads to difficult negotiations. Potential buyers may try to haggle with you due to the condition of the home. An old furnace, damaged roofing tiles, and other issues give the buyer leverage.

The buyer may also ask for help covering certain expenses. This may include inspection fees and processing fees. These seller concessions eat away at your profit from the home sale.

When you sell to a cash buyer, you receive a competitive offer based on the fair market value of your property. You do not need to haggle or worry about seller concessions.

Avoid Having to Make Repairs

When you list your home on the market, you typically need to fix it up before showing it. Depending on the condition of your property, you may end up spending a considerable amount of money on a home that you plan to sell.

Along with saving you money on repairs, you save time. Fixing up your home could extend the time needed before listing the property.

SFL Partners will offer cash for your house in any condition. We frequently purchase homes that need repair, including homes with existing code violations. You do not need to deal with costly repairs before selling your house. Damaged roofing, worn carpeting, and other issues are not a problem. We even buy ugly houses.

Eliminate the Risk of Losing a Buyer

Selling a home through the traditional route includes a variety of risks. Your home may stay on the market for a long time, forcing you to lower the asking price. You may also have to deal with a buyer pulling out at the last minute.

It is not uncommon for a seller to receive an offer and set a closing date only for the sale to fall through. In some cases, the buyer backs out. However, sales can also fall through due to a lack of financing.

Selling a house to a cash buyer allows you to avoid the risk of a lost sale and needing to find a new buyer. A real estate investor can pay cash, eliminating the need to wait for a buyer to obtain financing.

Receive Fast Cash for Life Emergencies

Sometimes the sale of a home is needed to cover living expenses such as medical bills or other emergencies. As mentioned, the average home sale takes over two months. Depending on your situation, you may need to sell your house quickly.

If your emergency requires access to fast cash, selling to a cash buyer is the smart choice. SFL Partners can give you an offer in just 24 hours. The closing may occur in just seven days, allowing you to get back to dealing with your emergency.

Eliminate the Stress of Selling a Home

The bottom line is that working with a realtor adds a lot of pressure and stress to the home selling process. Most home sellers spend weeks getting their home ready before listing it on the market.

You may need to spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours handling cosmetic fixes and major repairs. These expenses become even more annoying when dealing with a home that you plan on moving out of.

After completing the prep work, you still need to show the home. This takes time out of your schedule. You may need to dedicate multiple Sunday afternoons to open houses, allowing an endless stream of strangers to wander around your house.

When you finally receive an offer, you may find yourself negotiating over every little issue. You then need to accept an offer and wait a month or longer for the closing date.

Selling your home for cash is much more streamlined. You do not need to deal with the wide range of issues that come with working with a realtor. You can move on with your life and your new home.

So How Do I Sell My House Fast For Cash?

Interested in learning more about how it all works? Our process for selling a house fast for cash is pretty simple. You first need to provide a few photos and answer a few questions about your house. After reviewing the information to determine the eligibility of your house, you receive an offer.

Once you accept the offer, you can choose a closing date that works for your busy schedule. You get to sell your house fast while avoiding real estate commissions and the frustration of a traditional home sale. Receive fast cash in as little as seven days after you close the deal.

Selling Your Home To SFL Partners

SFL Partners gives fair all-cash offers, no matter the condition of the property. You can get back to living and not have to deal with wishy-washy buyers and pushy realtors.

Avoid the costs and headaches of selling with an agent. No more risky buyers falling through, commissions, hours of prep work and multiple showings, and expensive home repairs. When you sell your home for cash to SFL Partners it’s a simple, fast cash transaction.

If you want to save money, stress, and time, submit your info to SFL Partners and receive your offer in the next 24 hours. Click here to get the process started.